Partnership Programm

We believe that in order to achieve sustainable results over time, it is important to develop the potential.

Next to each customer of the Malta Business Cards network, there is the experience of those who work with passion on the territory. Because even if we promote online payment services, contact with the territory is essential for us.

Today you can become one of our official distributors, so you can earn not only on the introduction of new customers but also on the commissions that will be generated by the accounts. Enter the exclusive network that guarantees commissions on the transaction.

Who can apply for our partnership program?

Business consultant

You can offer your clients all the operational tools to facilitate the opening of bank accounts in Malta and manage online payments.

Business company

You can offer your customers complete packages for the incorporation of companies by opening bank accounts in Malta and managing online payments.

Software developers

You can offer your customers software integrations for online payments management directly linked to bank current accounts.
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