Why use debit cards. Protection against frauds and billing errors

Why use debit cards. Protection against frauds and billing errors

What’s in your wallet? Potentially some aggravations if you lose your debit and/credit cards.

Fortunately, the annoyances can be relatively small if you act quickly to notify the card companies of the problems, the FDIC said in a consumer alert this week.

People who make frequent purchases with plastic are the most at risk.

“The more you use your cards, the more likely it is you will experience a credit or debit billing issue, such as an unauthorized purchase, a charge for an incorrect amount, or a returned item not properly credited to your account,” warned the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

A good rule of thumb to keep your losses as low at a minimum: as soon as you find a theft, or an error let your credit or debit card company know.

If your debit card or debit card personal identification number (PIN) is lost or stolen, the FDIC pointed out you can lose only up to €.50 if you notify the bank within two days after learning about the problem.

However, if you notify the bank within 60 days after you received a statement showing the first unauthorized transfer, your out-of-pocket losses could be as high as €.500.

Waiting for more than 60 days could make you liable for the all of the thefts with the debit card.

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